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The first post of the new website in spring has to be of cherry blossoms, the signal of new beginnings.

When You Wish Upon a Star…

한국기행 - Korea travel_강원도 겨울연가, 1부 해야 솟아라_#001

공식 홈페이지 : home.ebs.co.kr/ktravel EBS 한국기행, Korea travel, 20120109, 강원도 겨울연가, 1부 해야 솟아라 강원도 겨울연가, 1부 해야 솟아라 대한민국의 숨은 비경을 찾아 떠나는 공간여행 역사와 풍습, 건축, 문화의 향기를 느끼고 전달하는 아름다운 시간여행 이 프로그램은 우리들이 모르고 있는 또 다른 우리들의 이야기를 담아내는 살아있는 현장 다큐 멘터리입니다.

Lantern House

A small cottage in Daegu, South Korea lit through and through by the setting sun.

Royal Walk

Royal Walk

Palace Hallway

Palace Ghosts

Evening Stroll

Sunset Over the Palace

I am a Canadian born photographer based in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province of South Korea with my wonderful and loving wife. I have been photographing the Korean landscape for 10 years. I am always in search of natural beauty that emanates a sense of balance between tranquility and power drawing inspiration from mid to late Joseon Dynasty artistic themes and shapes mixed with European and Canadian colours.
When I first came to Korea in 2003, one of my first purchases was a 35mm camera. I wanted a film camera, because I didn’t want people to see my pictures and think that it was 10% picture and 90% computer enhancement. For me, this was the best learning tool. It taught me to get the best possible picture I could with the camera, with little or no room for error. A trait that I still hold today with my digital cameras.
Please click on one of the social media buttons to follow the goings on of my daily photographic life. I also hope that you feel free to contact me by using the email button or sending me a message through one of the social media sites if you are interested in purchasing or licensing any of my works.
Thank you for taking the time to look through my works. I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I had making them.